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New range of capacitive touch systems

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article image Fully optimised product set.

3M Touch Systems has introduced a new generation of capacitive touch systems -- ClearTek II Profile, and MicroTouch Software Suite.

Supported by EX II electronics foundation, this fully optimised product set includes significant software and driver enhancements and a new capacitive touch screen design.

Marketed under the MicroTouch brand, both products featured at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas and will be available in January, 2005.

Product manager Manuel Palomino said the MicroTouch ClearTek II touch screen was the result of extensive design research that optimised optics, improved manufacturability, and provided innovative enhancements.

While based on the original ClearTek capacitive product that incorporates a proprietary scratch resistant protection and provides robust performance in harsh environments, the new ClearTek II Profile design features enhanced anti-glare properties proven to be important in today's touch applications.

The advanced design provides a unique coating, which achieves a critical balance between light transmission and anti-glare properties resulting in more vibrant optical characteristics and a 91 per cent light transmission.

The ClearTek II Profile design also includes an environmentally friendly, lead-free cable connection. Using 3M's adhesives expertise, this cable connection's bond strength and reliability increases dramatically.

Overall, the construction of this design simplifies the manufacturing process and improves time to market for our customers.

The MicroTouch Software Suite is a re-architected, modular set of software, driver, and configuration components that become the common foundation for all touch product lines offered by 3M.

It provides tremendous flexibility to customise touch software applications, accomodating popular operating systems and meeting industry compliance standards.

The enabling features include defining active touch zone regions on the screens, sophisticated multiple monitor support, and configuration flexibility.

Modular in design, customers install only the components they need, optimising their system and simplifying installation.

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