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article image 3M’s integrated touch screen.

3M Touch Systems has announced a new integrated touch screen product, MicroTouch Near Field Imaging with Vikuiti solar reflecting film.

This robust touch screen product is the recommended touch solution for applications that are exposed to direct sunlight and require high levels of durability in outdoor use.

The product is the first to deliver on 3M's plan to integrate its 3M film products with its extensive line of MicroTouch touch screens. This integrated touch screen provides a unique, value-added solution for many different vertical applications.

MicroTouch near field imaging with Vikuiti solar reflecting film helps to reflect infra-red solar energy while still transmitting visible light. All light, including sunlight, is either transmitted, reflected, or absorbed.

The combination of these variables will affect the internal temperature of a device. Since infra-red rays cause heat, the ability to reflect any amount of infra-red solar energy will help improve the resulting internal temperature of the enclosure.

Typically, when the enclosure's internal temperature gets higher, the LCD display will heat up and experience a higher rate of failure.

"For years, the goal of various solar technology manufacturers has been to block infra-red energy transmission while still allowing visible light transmission sufficient for the application," says John Barkholtz, business unit manager, 3M Touch Systems.

"The unique feature of the Vikuiti solar reflecting film, exclusively available with MicroTouch touch screens, is in its non-metallic properties.

“This means the film, when laminated between the two layers of the touch screen (the top glass and the sensor), will reflect, not absorb the heat producing infra-red solar energy."

As outdoor kiosk and ticketing applications become more and more popular, and are exposed to direct sunlight, the need to reduce the internal heat of the kiosk unit becomes imperative.

3M's new integrated touch screen product - near field imaging with solar reflecting film - provides the solution to help protect the longevity and performance of the unit's LCD display.

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