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DST2270DX MicroTouch Large Touch Screen Systems from 3M Touch Systems

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3M Touch Systems  offers the new MicroTouch range of large touch screen systems suitable for digital signage and point-of-information applications.  

The DST2270DX MicroTouch system offers a chemically-strengthened glass, stylus-independent touch solution with fast, accurate and repeatable response as well as operation unaffected by contaminants, static objects or other touches on the screen.

DST2270DX touch screen systems are ideal for large-format LCD displays used in interactive digital signage and point-of-information applications.

These touch screen systems are available for 32", 40", 42" and 46" display sizes.

3M Dispersive Signal Technology (DST) is incorporated into the MicroTouch range of touch screen systems. The touch technology is expected to become the standard for large-format interactive displays.

Traditional touch technologies detect touch by interrupting acoustic waves, optical fields or infrared light above the surface of the touch screen.

The 3M DST precisely calculates touch locations by analysing the bending waves within the glass substrate that are created by the user's touch.

The technology allows for fast, accurate and reliable touch performance that is unaffected by contaminants, scratches or static objects on the screen in addition to enabling stylus support and multi-user capability.

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