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Peltor ear muffs from 3M Safety Products

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article image Ear muffs for the food processing industry from 3M Safety Products
Peltor H98-02 food processing industry ear muffs from 3M Safety Products offer superior hearing protection and user comfort.

The ear muffs have a Class 5 Rating for optimum protect from noisy food processing environments.

Special foam inserts ensure that the ear muffs are extremely hygienic, as they can be easily removed and cleaned. This prevents the build-up of both heat and condensation.

The ear muffs are also equipped with a unique, easy to clean head band cushion. This cushion has  no hidden crevices, which prevents the growth of bacteria.

These two features ensure the ear muffs are perfect for workers in the food processing industry, as they are often required to move between areas with extreme temperature differences, from freezers through to hot kitchens.

The ear muffs are blue in keeping with the food and beverage industry’s recognised colour for safety products.

The ear muffs are useful across a range of applications, including:

  • Baking, dairy and confectionery industries: 85-95dB(A)
  • Milling, drink production and meat industries: up to 100dB(A)
  • Glass bottling lines: 85-100dB(A)
  • Product impact on hoppers: 90-100dB(A)
  • Manually pushing wheeled trolleys/racks: up to 107dB(A)
  • Wrapping, cutting wrap, bagging etc: 85-95dB(A)
  • Milling operations: 85-100dB(A)
  • Blast chillers/freezers: 85-107dB(A)
  • Packaging machinery: 85-95dB(A)

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