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3M Peltor push to listen ear muffs

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The Peltor push to listen (PTL) range of ear muffs from 3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety allows workers to listen to outside noises safely without having to remove them.

A button on the PTL ear muffs enables the wearer to hear speech and other sounds outside the cap clearly and safely. After 30 seconds, the ear muffs automatically return to protection.

When listening to outside noises with standard ear muffs, many workers will lift their ear cups or remove their ear muffs completely, exposing themselves to dangerous noise in the process.

The PTL feature on Peltor ear muffs is in one ear cup only, with the other a standard protection style.

Peltor PTL ear muffs provide Class 5 protection and are available in neon yellow as a high visibility version, suitable for road construction, airport and utility workers.

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