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3M Introduces New Peltor Lite-Com III Communication Headsets for Noisy Training Environments

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article image TAFE SA Marleston Lecturer Dennis Daykin demonstrates a Peltor Lite-Com III headset

3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety  has supplied their Peltor Lite-Com III communication headsets to TAFE SA, enabling lecturers and students to communicate in noisy training environments.  

Jorgen Andersen, Lecturer at TAFE SA Marleston Campus identified the Peltor Lite-Com III communication headsets as a breakthrough solution for lecturers and students to communicate with each other in noisy educational and training environments.    

According to Shaun Carrigan, 3M product specialist from SA, though 3M communication products are typically employed in many industries across Australia, supplying TAFE SA with the Peltor Lite-Com III communication headsets was a welcome opportunity as it allowed them to introduce the innovative solution to control hazardous noise while improving safety for lecturers and students at the Marleston Campus.  

Key features of 3M Peltor Lite-Com III communication headsets: 

  • High-performance headsets with a built-in 69-channel communication radio for hands-free short-range communication with other Peltor Lite-Com III headsets
  • Built-in active-volume function allows wearers to hear ambient sounds including conversations, instructions, machine noises and warning signals
  • Superior hearing protection against harmful noise in the working environment

In the TAFE environment, the Lite-Com III provides lecturers with considerable training flexibility, even while demonstrating noisy equipment.  

Lecturers are able to address a whole class, and then break off into any number of the 69 available channels for dedicated training, instructions or specific forums.  

Jorgen Andersen comments that TAFE SA is the first education and training organisation to use this headset technology based on 4 tones per channel, with signature dedications.  

3M’s headset technology offers significant benefits across the noise and communication challenges faced by lecturers and students within TAFE SA environments. The communication headsets can also be used in various other applications from giving diving instructions in the Recreation program to backstage communication in a theatre environment in the Arts program.  

3M’s Peltor brand is a global leader in two-way communication products for use in high noise environments. The product line includes a broad selection of personal safety headsets and 2-way radio accessory products.

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