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3M Clean-Trace ATP Systems from 3M Microbiology

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3M Clean-Trace Surface and Water ATP test systems from 3M Microbiology help assess standards of hygiene and cleaning procedures by measuring the amount of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) in a sample.  

Clean-Trace ATP systems indicate overall biological contamination including microbiological and product residues for a fuller picture of the hygienic status of equipment.  

3M Clean-Trace Surface ATP

  • Self-contained surface test designed to ensure samples can be collected in hard-to-reach places, which are often difficult to clean
  • Metal detectable and blue plastic handle for safe use in a food manufacturing environment

3M Clean-Trace Water ATP

  • Innovatively designed for water sample collection uniformity
  • Detects the presence of biological contamination in Clean-in-Place (CIP) rinse water or other process waters

3M Clean-Trace NG Luminometer and 3M Clean-Trace Data Trending Software

  • Ergonomically designed instrument, handheld and lightweight for easy portability
  • Simple menu-driven operation and high data storage capacity for maximum convenience and efficiency
  • Advanced data trending software to track the effectiveness of cleaning regimes

Key advantages of Clean-Trace ATP Systems:  

Excellent sensitivity and superior repeatability  

The superior repeatability and excellent sensitivity of the 3M Clean-Trace ATP system gives confidence that the results are accurate, facilitating correct decisions.  

Powerful and flexible software

  • Advanced data trending and re-testing capabilities for easy identification of priority areas and continual improvement of hygiene standards
  • Clear identification of re-test results alongside original results showing remedial actions and demonstrating due diligence
  • Full trend analysis capabilities including filtering, sorting, charting and graphing to help comply with audit requirements

Rapid results  

Results are available in 30 seconds allowing the user to assess the hygienic status of production facilities in real-time and implement immediate corrective actions and proactive sanitation procedures.  

Easy to use  

The simplicity of tests reduces variability from user to user ensuring accurate and consistent results with minimal training costs.

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