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3D Systems go with the Flow – Written by Monash Motorsport SAE
01.05.2018 - At 3D Systems, we appreciate the important role industry collaboration plays in educating and empowering future generations of engineers.
Emirates Uses SLS Printing For Better Fuel Economy and Supply Chain Efficiency
15.04.2018 - Flame retardant nylon material and 3D Systems SLS printing help airline lower weight of in-cabin parts for significant operational cost savings.
Direct metal printing helps manufacture lean and green heat exchanger
05.04.2018 - CEEE partnered with 3D Systems to increase the efficiency of a 1kW heat exchanger by 20 percent while reducing weight and size.
3D printed casting patterns for metal parts production
25.03.2018 - 3D Systems offers both wax and resin materials for investment casting applications.
Metro Aerospace Introduces 3D Printed Part for Fuel Efficiency in Aerospace
15.03.2018 - The microvanes are adhesively fastened on both sides of an aircraft’s fuselage and designed to reduce drag by reshaping airflow around the aft cargo door.
3D Printed Casting Patterns Deliver Efficient Solution for Metal Parts Production
15.03.2018 - As one of the oldest-known metal forming techniques, investment casting remains an effective manufacturing methodology many centuries after its intro.
Direct Metal 3D Printing Enables CEEE to Manufacture Lean and Green Heat Exchanger
12.03.2018 - Direct Metal Printing delivers a 20% more efficient heat exchanger through
Philmac Adopts 3D Printing for Prototype Tooling to Enable More Complex Design
06.03.2018 - 3D Systems’ On Demand Manufacturing experts help Philmac find the right process and materials for 3D printed production tooling
Thales bracket close-up
06.03.2018 - THales bracket close-up
Thales Bracket On Antenna
06.03.2018 - Thales Brackets on Antenna
At the tipping point ?
06.03.2018 - 3D Systems’ On Demand Manufacturing in Leuven, Belgium, proves viability of DMP for mission-critical satellite applications with Thales Alenia Space
Jay Leno’s Garage Achieves Antique Car Replacement Part for One-Tenth the Cost with 3D Systems' Solutions
06.03.2018 - Jay Leno will be the first to tell you that embracing old cars does not mean embracing old technology. In fact, Leno’s love for old cars has encouraged thi
Seatools Exhibits Quality with Appearance Models from 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing
05.03.2018 - 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing delivers durable and high quality detail in 3D printed appearance display
On Demand Appearance Models Help Companies and Customers Win
05.03.2018 - Quick delivery of accurate, high quality appearance models advances design outcomes for better products, faster.
How 3D Systems partners with customers to push boundaries
05.03.2018 - How 3D Systems partners with customers to push boundaries
3D Systems to acquire Cimatron
27.11.2014 - Cimatron develops and distributes CAD/CAM software for the manufacturing industry.
Additive manufacturer 3D Systems partners with asteroid miner
30.06.2013 - Planetary Resources and 3D printing company 3D Systems have announced a partnership this week, working towards the goal of mining asteroids in space.
3D Systems to acquire manufacturer of direct metal 3D printers
21.06.2013 - 3D Systems will acquire approximately 80 percent of Phenix Systems.
New 3D Systems ProJet 5000 3D printers deliver large format precision plus speed
31.08.2012 - 3D Systems Asia-Pacific announces the release of the new ProJet 5000 large format professional 3D printers.
3D Systems introduces ProJet 7000 production 3D printers
25.05.2012 - 3D Systems Asia-Pacific announces the introduction of the new ProJet 7000 production 3D printer.
Typography embraces 3D printing
11.04.2012 - Graphic designer and typographer, Luca Ionescu approached 3D Systems Asia-Pacific for a 3D printing solution to produce a long-lasting 3D sculptural piece for an upcoming exhibition.
3D Systems’ iPro SLA delivers XXL patterns for custom turbines
27.03.2012 - Tushino Power Machine Tools specialises in implementing small to midsize hydro-electric power plants in inaccessible areas such as the Southern American Andes.
3D Systems 3D printer used to create scaled replica model of Seeker aircraft
26.03.2012 - 3D printers from 3D Systems Asia-Pacific have been used by designers and engineers to impressively communicate their design concepts under challenging deadlines.
3D Systems debuts consumer 3D printer
16.01.2012 - 3D Systems Asia-Pacific announces the introduction of 3D Systems’ first ever consumer 3D printers.
3D Systems Cubify.com goes live
13.01.2012 - 3D Systems Asia-Pacific announces the launch of 3D Systems’ Cubify.com 3D@home create-and-make online experience live in a beta release.
3D Systems completes the acquisition of Z Corp and Vidar
12.01.2012 - 3D Systems Asia-Pacific announces the completion of the acquisition of Z Corporation (Z Corp) and Vidar Systems (Vidar) by 3D Systems Corporation from Contex Group.
3D Systems voted Global Digital Manufacturing Leader
23.12.2011 - Design World Magazine readers have chosen 3D Systems as ‘Leader in Digital Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping’ for the second year in a row, according to an announcement by 3D Systems Asia-Pacific.
3D Systems introduces affordable ProJet desktop 3D printers
05.12.2011 - 3D Systems Asia-Pacific introduces a new range of low cost desktop 3D printers designed to print precision, high performance plastic parts.
3D Systems makes the runway at the Melbourne Fashion Week
17.11.2011 - 3D Systems Asia-Pacific collaborated with designers Amelia Agosta and Natasha Fagg on a successful runway event featuring a one-of-a-kind 3D printed brassiere during the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.
3D Systems acquires Huntsman’s stereolithography product line
07.11.2011 - 3D Systems Corporation has acquired RenShape stereolithography print materials and Digitalis rapid manufacturing 3D printers from the Advanced Materials Division of Huntsman Corporation.
CyberQuad credits their productivity and product-to-market speed to 3D Systems’ 3D printers
21.10.2011 - 3D printing systems from 3D Systems Asia-Pacific have been used by Australian company CyberQuad to produce an unmanned electric vertical take-off and landing system called Quadrotor.
3D Systems acquires Formero to extend operations across Asia-Pacific
03.10.2011 - World-leading provider of 3D content-to-print solutions, 3D Systems Corporation has acquired Formero Pty Ltd and its subsidiary company, XYZ Innovation.
Safety product prototyped by Formero to check scale and function wins design award
05.09.2011 - Prototyping services delivered by Formero allowed a product development company to achieve their product design goals on time and within budget.
Formero helps product inventor mass produce new plumbing tool
11.08.2011 - Formero helped the inventor of a new plumbing tool through the complete product development process from design and prototyping to mass production.
Formero’s Design for Manufacture service helps locksmith develop new jig
08.07.2011 - Formero came to the assistance of a Melbourne-based locksmith to develop a new jig designed to cost-effectively retrofit locks.
Formero’s Selective Laser Melting Technology Helps Jewellery Designer Produce 3D Printed Jewellery
03.06.2011 - A new manufacturing technology from Formero called the Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology has been used by a well known jeweller in Australia to create a unique line of 3D printed wearable jewel
Formero's Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Technology Creates Model Skulls for Surgeons
15.04.2011 - Formero has been approached by the Australian Craniofacial Unit at the Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital to create a medical model of a patients skull using Selective Laser Sintering Technology
Formero Prototypes and Produces Surveylab’s GIS Data Solution Device
25.02.2011 - Formero was approached by Surveylab to use its full line of service to prototype and produce 50 units of their GIS data solution device for a customer with critical timeframes.
Formero’s Customer Wins Fine Art Award for 3D Printed Sculpture
24.02.2011 - Formero congratulates Matthew Sleeth, one of their talented customers who recently won the Siemens-RMIT Fine Art Award for his 3D printed sculpture of the Southern Star Observation wheel.
Formero Introduces Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Machine from SLM Solutions Germany
23.02.2011 - Formero introduces a selective laser melting machine from SLM Solutions GmbH, Germany.
Rapid Prototyping Materials by Formero
22.02.2011 - Formero has released a range of new prototyping materials designed to meet stringent performance requirements.
Rex, the Robotic Exoskeleton Enables Disabled Users to Walk
27.09.2010 - Formero has successfully completed the prototyping of the outer skin components of a robotic exoskeleton designed to help people with disabilities walk.
Formero involved in the die casting and moulding of Nanosonics's new Trophon EPR
22.09.2010 - Nanosonics follows a winning formula to success by leveraging from Formero's tooling and die cast production services
Formero’s prototyping technology plays a major role in the development of Methven's shower infusions
20.09.2010 - Formero’s prototyping technology plays a major role in the development of award winning Methven's shower infusions
Formero developed packaging cases for Cochlear's new Nucleus 5 Implant System
17.09.2010 - Cochlear engaged Formero to develop packaging and demonstration cases for the new Nucleus 5 Implant System using Formero's injection moulding technology.
Formero Manufactures 200 Moulded Sets of Parts in 3 Weeks
10.09.2010 - Formero specialises in rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing services to offer turnkey solutions for moulded parts.
Formero’s Manufacturing Solutions Help BAT Logic Win Medals
02.09.2010 - Formero provided prototyping, tooling production, injection moulding, packaging, distribution and project management services for the Bioseries range of products from BAT Logic.
Formero prototype an innovative water saving device
05.05.2010 - The Cullector water saving device can be easily retro-fitted onto the existing shower outlet against the wall.
Australian companies to benefit from locally managed tooling and manufacturing services with Formero's launch
20.04.2010 - ARRK Australia and New Zealand has announced the launch of its new business name, Formero.
SLS coloured parts available from Arrk Australia and New Zealand
23.10.2009 - Arrk Australia and New Zealand now supply SLS prototypes with a permanent surface colouring in a range of colours including silver, black, charcoal, red, burgundy, blue, dark blue, yellow and tan.
SMR Automotive Australia uses Arrk's Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM)
02.09.2009 - SMR Automotive Australia (formerly Visiocorp) used Arrk Australia and New Zealand's Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) to expedite the manufacture of 350 units of prototype components.
500 production units supplied by ARRK in 5 days with Direct Digital Manufacturing
14.08.2009 - Manufacturer of advanced metal detectors, Minelab Electronics, was looking to extend the capabilities of the F3 Mine Detector to better meet its customer specific applications.
Design for Manufacture drives a faster path to market for Australian Medical technology companies
10.07.2009 - At last month’s 2009 AusMedtech Conference held in Sydney, design for manufacture emerged as a critical part of the DNA of successful Australian medical technology companies.
New Prototype Press Metal service from ARRK
09.07.2009 - ARRK Australia announced today a new Rapid Press Metal service. The new prototype service enables ARRK’s customers to receive high quality press formed prototypes without the upfront expense of full
m2m Imaging utilise ARRK vacuum casting technology for low volume production
17.06.2009 - m2m Imaging have recently commissioned ARRK Australia and New Zealand to produce 15 units of a new subject holding system. The system provides a platform to interchange various products used in MR ima
ARRK supplies versatile prototyping tooling and production services to Zodiac
20.03.2009 - The product development of the new product from Zodiac, the TRI Pool Chlorine Generator, is a classic case in which ARRK’s varied prototyping, tooling and production services were deployed to accelerate the product to market.
Aussie Racing Cars utilise Arrk Australia and New Zealand’s Selective Laser Sintering to meet production deadlines
02.12.2008 - Aussie Racing Cars were only a week away from the deadline of completing their new scaled-down Toyota Aurion racing car when they contacted Arrk Australia and New Zealand for assistance. The new car was to be launched live on Channel Ten’s RPM show,
ARRK sponsored team to race with SLS parts at FORMULA SAE-A 2008
27.11.2008 - ARRK believe that engineering students of today are the future talent which industry will draw on to address future challenges. ARRK are focused in developing relationships with these students early-on to support them in their future successes.
ARRK’s rapid prototyping technologies for Beijing’s National Aquatics Centre
05.08.2008 - 5 years ago, ARRK’s team utilised advanced rapid prototyping technologies to create a 3D model of Beijing’s National Aquatics Centre, known today as the Water Cube. This week, Australia’s Swimming Team had their first training session at the National
New SLS insights from Arrk at NMW 2008
06.03.2008 - Arrk will showcase new Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) materials on stand 2013 during National Manufacturing Week at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre from May 27 to 30.
Arrk offers a range of model making solutions
22.10.2007 - Arrk offers a range of model making solutions to suit its client’s specific needs.
EVRsafe and Arrk jointly develops a new detection unit
19.10.2007 - Arrk was approached by EVRsafe to discuss a new marina product, designed to detect and alert passengers of toxic gases.
Arrk’s view on 5 common Rapid Prototyping technologies in Australia and New Zealand
18.10.2007 - Arrk made a close-up comparison to show resolution and accuracy of the 5 most common Rapid Prototyping technologies in Australia and New Zealand.
ThruFlow Interlocking panels available from Arrk
16.07.2007 - ThruFlow is strong, easy to install and light in weight. ThruFlow comes in interlocking tabs for ease of alignment and versatile configuration, allowing debris and water to pass through to minimise the effects of uplift from wind or water.
New 3D colour printer from Arrk at NMW 2007
17.04.2007 - The key benefits of the new ZPrinter 450 3D colour printer will be highlighted by Arrk on stand 5014 during National Manufacturing Week 2007 at the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre, from May 22 to 25.
Hydro tap available from Arrk
05.04.2007 - Hydro tap, designed by BlueSky Creative, is a sleek design that is giving the kitchen bench-top a new millennium look.
Arrk releases new 3D Colour printing machine
05.04.2007 - Arrk has released the new 3D Colour printing machine, known as the ZPrinter 450 making it affordable for everyone to bring rapid prototyping colour printing technology in-house.
Rapid Prototyping technology from Arrk
20.03.2007 - Advancing architectural CAD software is allowing Architects to greater utilise Rapid Prototyping technologies to produce complex geometries and delicate features much faster than traditional model making techniques.
Arrk to hold a seminar on Outcome Driven Innovation
16.02.2007 - ARRK invites people to hear at first hand how Outcome Driven Innovation (ODI) is changing the way companies innovate.
Arrk acquires RPM Solutions and expands to South Australia
12.01.2007 - Arrk has released its expansion into South Australia, with the recent acquisition of RPM Solutions.
Rapid Prototyping systems popular with Architects
18.07.2006 - ADVANCING architectural CAD software is allowing Architects to greater utilise Rapid Prototyping technologies to produce complex geometries and delicate features much faster than traditional model making techniques., says Arrk.
Injection moulding services technology at NMW 2006
13.04.2006 - ARRK, a leading producer and supplier of injection moulded and die-cast components, will feature its prototype-to-production ‘full-line’ service capabilities at Stand 3005 during National Manufacturing Week 2006 at Sydney's Darling Harbour, from May
New production moulding facility in Vic
04.10.2005 - ARRK has announced the expansion of its “Full-Line” service to include the manufacture of plastic injection moulded and diecast components at the company’s new Keysborough, Melbourne facility.
Two new rapid prototyping resins
23.03.2005 - ARRK Silhouette has launched two new rapid prototyping resins from Objet's 3D printing range. These include the new Vero FullCure800 series, featuring opaque colours and improved mechanical properties, as well as the Tango series, which, for the firs
Ground-breaking rapid prototyping
31.03.2004 - THE world's largest rapid prototyping and tooling house, Arrk Silhouette, will display a full range of leading edge technologies at NMW 2004. A groundbreaking component of the range is Objet 3D Printing, an affordable printer designed for in-house ra
Latest in rapid prototyping technology
14.08.2002 - ARRK Silhouette has installed the latest generation of solid imaging technology - SLA 7000. The SLA 7000 represents 15 years of R&D laser building technology, focused on delivering state-of-the-art rapid prototyping.
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