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ThruFlow Interlocking panels available from Arrk

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With the recent storms impacting regions in NSW and Victoria, many wooden jetties and shoreline docks have been severely damaged due to the timber decks not being able to cope with the uplift of storm water surges.

To help minimise storm surges and wave effects, many people are turning to the benefits of grated designs, which prevent jetties taking the full force of the wind and water.

Trying to find a product that looks attractive and stays looking attractive, that is durable, will hold up to years of service and is comfortable to walk on, is a pretty tall order and near impossible for a cost-conscious marina operator.

So Arrk Australia and New Zealand decided to introduce into Australia ThruFlow Interlocking Panels.

ThruFlow is strong, easy to install and light in weight. ThruFlow comes in interlocking tabs for ease of alignment and versatile configuration, allowing debris and water to pass through to minimise the effects of uplift from wind or water.

Within the United States, ThruFlow has successfully weathered several hurricanes in the Florida Keys when all other docks were destroyed. It has also been reported that those jetties constructed with ThruFlow panels at Lake Macquarie, have also been unaffected by the recent storms and water surges.

In addition to the fact that it is impervious to insects and rot, the surface is made to be non-slip 360 degrees to ensure people stay upright on your deck.

ThruFlow’s attractive design and colour options ensure that you will be pleased with the clean look of your jetty or walkway.

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