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SLS coloured parts available from Arrk Australia and New Zealand

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Arrk Australia and New Zealand  now supply SLS prototypes with a permanent surface colouring in a range of colours including silver, black, charcoal, red, burgundy, blue, dark blue, yellow and  tan.

ColourFast SLS was initiated as a direct result of customer demand for functional parts with high temperature applications and colour identification. Laser sintered components are found in an increasingly wider range of applications, some of which can be transformed by the application of colour.

The regular approach of painting parts has certain limitations, with most paints not adhering very well and potentially creating fitment concerns. ColourFast SLS service offers permanent surface colouring for SLS components. With ColourFast SLS, assemblies become clearer, components can be highlighted and resilience to handling discolouration is enhanced.

Wesley Archer, ARRK’s SLS Team Leader says "Black is by far the most common requirement and has had a huge impact. Customers are very pleased with the visual impact that is combined with the high functionality of Nylon and Glass Filled Nylon.

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