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Objet's rapid prototyping 3D printer series

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ARRK , distributor of Objet Rapid Prototyping machines, has announced a new range of 3D photopolymer jetting printers, including the Eden250 low cost office printer, the Eden350/V medium format printer and Eden500V large format printer.

This new range leverages on Objet's already market-proven performance to bring high-quality, highly accurate rapid prototyping capabilities into the reach of virtually any design or manufacturing operation in a wide range of fields.

This new series is based on photopolymer jetting technology with X and Y resolutions of up to 600 dpi, creating exceptionally fine detailed models with ultra-thin walls down to 0.3mm depending on geometry.

The Eden250 is priced far below competitive high-quality Rapid Prototyping systems, thus providing a cost-effective solution for building models and parts that are exceptionally smooth and durable. The Eden250 extends the benefits of cost-effective, high-quality in-house Rapid Prototyping to a wide range of organisations that previously had to settle for lower quality or outsourced models.

The Eden350V and Eden500V are designed for maximum unattended productivity with the machines supporting four 3.5kg material cartridges. The system features automatic switching between cartridges and can run for up to 72 hours without operator intervention - translating to a full weekend of productivity with no weekend staffing costs.

One of the most likeable features of Objet printers is the wide range of materials that are available in both hard and soft "rubber-like" plastics. This wide choice of materials opens opportunities for a broader range of form, fit and functional applications. The same high accuracy, detail and surface quality are maintained regardless of material choice.

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