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Arrk releases new 3D Colour printing machine

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Arrk has released the new 3D Colour printing machine, known as the ZPrinter 450 making it affordable for everyone to bring rapid prototyping colour printing technology in-house.

The ZPrinter 450 is a low priced colour 3D printer available and outputs brilliant colour models with time saving automation and an even easier printing process.

It is the ideal introduction to colour 3D printing for a wide variety of applications from product design and architectural concepts, to education, healthcare and the arts.

With a printing speed 5x faster than any other system, ZPrinter 450 is one of the fast printer, ideal for supporting an entire engineering department or classroom with its ability to output multiple models in hours instead of days.

For a leading shoe manufacture, the purchase of a Z-Corp printer significantly improved their efficiency and reduced their spending.

A prototype that once required a week to receive from a bureau now takes 90 minutes, enabling engineering and marketing employees to collaborate more often and more closely.

Colour has also been a critical benefit to many designers and engineers, as it better conveys design intent, with reproduction of packaging colours, logos and even tiny print, to provide a prototype that is close to real life, eliminating the element of surprise.

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