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Arrk launches new solution for hearing aid manufacturers

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Arrk an innovative leader in rapid prototyping technologies has launched a new solution which is fast and cost efficient, for hearing aid manufacturers.

Utilising Objet 3D printing technology, hearing aid makers are significantly reducing time and cost to market by combining easy to operate, high-speed 3D printing technology with a range of medically approved photopolymer resins, designed especially for the unique needs of hearing aids.

The process of creating ear moulds using a rapid prototyping process is based on PolyJet technology called Objet, which builds ear moulds by printing ultra-thin 16-micron layers to create the exact 3-D structure required.

This produces perfectly shaped hearing aid moulds with exceptionally smooth, unmarked surfaces.

As a fully automated system that seamlessly integrates into existing production networks, the Objet hearing aids solution provides manufacturers with a smooth transition to advanced digital manufacturing.

The solution provides numerous advantages over traditional analogue manufacturing processes, including simplified logistics in which shipping of impressions is replaced by uploads of digital scans, easy and cost effective repeat orders and streamlined training needs.

The software that drives the 3-dimensional printing system, allows full trays of multiple hearing aids to be produced from any workstation throughout the manufacturer’s facility.

This solution is ideal for any office-type environment as it has a small footprint, requires no special electricity or ventilation preparation and uses a totally self-contained clean process.

According to Arrk, it has long been clear to us that the advantages of PolyJet technology could bring real benefits to numerous specialised industries.

Hearing aid shells are an emerging market for Arrk and it believes that its unique capabilities will provide significant advantages to the manufacturers’ needs and thus drive their success, in the same way Arrk is helping companies in its traditional markets to succeed.

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