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ARRK provide Alaris30 Printer from Objet

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Objet have launched a new printer, the Alaris30, which is supplied by ARRK . Alaris 30 printer is an office-friendly system as it is small enough to fit on a desk. It prints true-to-life parts with exceptional detail, including ‘finished-quality’ smooth surfaces and moving parts.

Following are the features of Alaris30 printer:

  • Operates like a network printer, serving the needs of multiple designers throughout a firm
  • A 300 x 200 x 150mm build tray allows large models or many small parts to be built simultaneously, which saves time and money
  • Four cartridge loading permits up to 36 hours of unattended printing
  • Requires power from a standard outlet
  • Utilise the Objet Studio software to ensure easy operation and allow designers to turn any 3D CAD file into a highly accurate model with just a few mouse clicks
  • Offers high accuracy and resolution (600 x 600 dpi) in 28µ layers
  • Enables printing 3D complicated geometries, such as cavities, overhangs, undercuts, delicate features and walls as thin as 0.6mm
  • No finishing needed. When the 3D model is finished, the non-toxic support material is easily removed by water or by hand, and the model is ready for fit, form and function testing, or a variety of immediate applications such as painting, drilling, chrome-plating or use as a master model for silicone tooling

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