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3D Systems introduces ProJet 7000 production 3D printers

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article image Laptop casing built on ProJet 7000
3D Systems Asia-Pacific  announces the introduction of the new ProJet 7000 production 3D printer designed to combine push button simplicity with SLA printability to deliver high quality and accurate parts and patterns.
Delivering greater print format, capacity and productivity with the final product rivalling the precision and performance of CNC machined plastic parts, ProJet 7000 production printers are available in a choice of three models to suit specific application requirements. The SD is designed for affordable high definition parts, the HD for ultra-high definition precision part manufacturing and the MP for dental and medical manufacturing applications.
The ProJet 7000 3D printer from 3D Systems delivers high stereolithography (SLA) accuracy and part quality with the ease of use and economy of a 3D printer.
Key benefits of the ProJet 7000 production 3D printers: 
  • Prints fine feature details resulting in accurate prototypes, parts and master patterns for urethane and investment casting applications
  • Large capacity printer comes with a wide range of VisiJet functional materials including tough, flexible, black, clear, e-Stone and high temperature materials
  • Users can switch seamlessly to the right print material for any production application
  • Large build volume of 380 x 380 x 250 mm
  • Lightning-fast build speed provides up to 4 times the production capacity of other printers in its class

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