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Automotive Engineering Applications from 3D Spatial

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3D Spatial ’s involvement and experience in the Automotive Industry is extensive having brought customers the ability to shorten product development times as well as produce more quality components. 3D Spatial is flexible and so measurements can be performed at the customer’s place of work.

Automotive Engineering Applications from 3D Spatial include:

  • Automotive Styling

3D Spatial are able to produce 3D CAD models in early stages of development, capturing the intricate curvatures of automotive concept models.

  • Quality Inspection and Analysis

For compliance purposes or quality inspection and analysis solutions, 3D Spatial are able to perform part to part or part to CAD comparisons with full colour profile deviation maps and GD&T analysis. 3D Spatial are also able to calibrate precision tooling to ensure they meet the dimensional standards.

  • Aftermarket Product Design

To ensure aftermarket products are a perfect fit the first time around, 3D Spatial offer services to accurately measure projects and provide the correct data.

  • Performance

3D Spatial works closely with a number of race teams to provide reverse engineering, geometry set up and fixture calibration services. This ensure parts and products are applied to perform at its most effective.

3D Spatial’s broad range of work in the automotive industry represents a wide cross section of experience that can benefit any automotive operation.

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