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The Engineering Survey division of 3D Spatial believe that laser scanning of large infrastructure is a faster, safer and more accurate alternative to traditional engineering surveys and dimensional control methods. Laser scanning provides complete and accurate spatial information and is able to capture, visualise and model complex structures.

3D Spatial use the latest large scale laser measurement technology for engineering surveys as varied as documenting and modelling petrochemical and automotive assembly plants through to architectural and heritage preservation.

The laser scanner used by 3D Spatial is a FARO LS 880 which has a range of up to 80 metres and an accuracy of +/-3mm. It has a scanning rate of 120,000 measurements per second which is up to 50 times faster than standard time-of-flight laser scanners. The scanner can also capture a full 360 degree 3D view which consists of 28 million 3D measurements in around 4 minutes. These features make it an ideal tool for engineering surveys where survey time is limited.

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