3D Prototyping

3D Prototyping provides high quality low cost rapid prototyping services utilizing the latest SLA, 3D printing, Objet, Rapid CNC, Low volume moulding in vacuum casting and 3D canning technology, to get your products to market faster. 3D Designing, Objet 3D Printing, 3D Printing, SLA, Rapid CNC, Vacuum Casting, Injection Moulding, 3DScanning, 3D Printers sales. 3D Prototyping is based in Albion, Brisbane.


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03/12/10 - 3D Scanning of components has become one of the fastest and most accurate ways to inspect or convert to CAD/CAM files for replicating or reverse engineering of an original component.

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48B Nariel Street
QLD 4010
Tel: 07 3262 9283

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