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Range of LAN switches provided by 3Com Australia

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3Com Australia  is a provider of range of networking equipment which include LAN switches, LAN transceivers, LAN cables, network interface cards, wireless phones, security systems and so on. Under LAN switches, 3Com Australia provides a range of IntelliJack switches which include SwitchNJ240FX, SwitchNJ220, SwitchNJ225FX-ST and so on.

The SwitchNJ240FX LAN switches supplied by 3Com Australia provide four 10/100 Mbps switch LAN ports, plus an additional port for telephone or network connections, can pass-through connection supports an additional separate port for voice or data, supports secure SNMPv3 management as well as IPv6 networks.

Advanced switching technologies of SwitchNJ240FX LAN switches supplied by 3Com Australia include traffic prioritization, multicast rate control, IEEE 802.1Q VLANs, traffic monitoring, 802.1X authentication and SNMP traps boost network performance and security

3Com Australia also provides various transceivers which are industry-standard, hot-swappable devices and can be plugged into 10-Gigabit or fast Ethernet slot and also helps it to link with fiber- or copper-based networks.

3Com Australia also provides a range of LAN cables which include CX4 Local Connection Cable 50cm, CX4 Local Connection Cable 100cm and so on. The CX4 Local Connection Cable 50cm provided by 3Com Australia can support 10-Gigabit Ethernet speeds with the use of the Switch 4500G Local Connection Modules.

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