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2ic Software  is a Australian based software company which delivers various software products as well as related services. One of the most popular software provided by 2ic Software include 2ic Pallets. The 2ic Pallet is a time saving software tool which helps in managing pooled pallets. 2ic Pallets software from 2ic Software provides highly automated pallet reconciliation and tracking services and minimises the ridk of expensive pallet loss.

2ic Pallet software from 2ic Software is easy to learn, can be installed quickly and it supports all supply chain environment where pallets are used. 2ic Pallets can also be used for inventory management, warehousing and supply chain management.

Apart from software solutions, 2ic Software also provides a range of software support services which include product training, phone support, live support, online forums, procedures documentation and video tutorials.
Under product training, 2ic Software provides introductory and advanced courses which are delivered on-site or via remote phone and computer link up. 2ic Pallet softwares are very popular in other countries also like Canada, USA, UK.

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