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Gas Chromatograph with advanced pneumatic control

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THE Acme 6000 Gas Chromatograph has been developed with full dedication and commitment for chromatography performance, service and quality since Younglin introduced their first 680A Gas Chromatograph in 1991. It is now available from 2 I Technologies .

The Acme 6000 Gas Chromatograph integrates all the features needed for better automated operation and analysis. Younglin's dedication to accuracy and reproducibility for chromatography has been enhanced with the third generation Oven Control and Automated Pressure Control.

Acme 6000 Gas Chromatograph provides improved reduction of gas pollution and leaks and ease of maintenance. The Acme 600 APC gives users the ability to control the flow and pressure of all gases with four digital APC control blocks. The Acme 6000 Gas Chromatograph is suitable for automatic analysis of large quantities of samples and various applications.

APC provides the following advantages for better performance: pressure programming which reduces decomposition and loss of sample in splitless injection; high sensitivity, by injection of a large amount of sample in split injection.

It contains flow rate control and improves the stability of detector, and the product improves reproducibility with accurate and precise APC control.

Flow and pressure control by Advanced Pneumatic Control allows the perfect control of all parameters by Autochro-2000. Other features include stable and precise control with powerful dual CPUs, remote time control, remote time delay and remote signal output with easy operation.

The Acme 6000 Gas Chromatograph boasts wide and clear 4 line VFD display, an intuitive user interface for a keyboard, column conditioning function and automatic flame ignition by APC for FID.

It stores up to 30 different analytical methods, and comprises a high performance column ovena with fast heating speed and fast cooling down speed. It includes a time scheduling function which facilitates scheduling of system ON and OFF. Run time based control produces automatically repeatable runs up to 9,999 analyses.

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