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Get ready for snowmaking season with EzY Shelter
13.12.2016 - Ski resorts in the southern hemisphere are getting ready for the winter season with preparations underway for snowmaking.
Creating economical temporary spaces with inflatable buildings
28.11.2016 - Inflatable buildings from Giant Inflatables Industrial (1300 Inflate) help various industries and businesses create comfortable temporary spaces.
New XBeam inflatable shelters for emergency, first response and remote sites
22.11.2016 - 1300 INFLATE announces a new range of portable inflatable shelters featuring cutting edge air beam technology.
The many advantages of industrial inflatable structures
18.10.2016 - Inflatable products are widely used in a broad range of industrial applications today, having evolved into sophisticated, all-weather structures.
Giant Inflatables Industrial shelters, workshops and blast booths
05.10.2016 - Giant Inflatables Industrial specialises in the supply of inflatable shelters, inflatable workshops and inflatable blast booths.
Portable inflatable shelter for versatile applications
03.10.2016 - Portable inflatable shelters from 1300 INFLATE are being used by companies to carry out various operations on-site, especially in remote locations.
Plug-Up isolation plugs preventing contamination in pipes
29.09.2016 - Pipes and ducts are often exposed to contamination during factory maintenance.
New Plug Up range of inflatable pipe plugs
28.09.2016 - 1300 INFLATE has launched a new product in their Plug Up range of low pressure bungs and isolation plugs for industrial applications.
Ezy Shelter X Beam inflatable shelters from 1300 INFLATE
29.06.2012 - The Ezy Shelter X Beam inflatable shelters from 1300 INFLATE are designed to take industry-standard portable shelters to new levels of practical and easy-to-use sophistication.
Flexible Welding Enclosure available from 1300 INFLATE
17.08.2011 - 1300 INFLATE has supplied Akras Engineering with their Flexbile Welding Enclosures, a low cost welding chamber for titanium and other reactive metals.
Plug-Up Isolation Plugs from 1300 INFLATE Take on a New Shape
15.10.2010 - 1300 INFLATE offers the Plug-Up isolation plugs in a new round shape.
Inflatable rooftop advertising available from 1300 INFLATE
28.09.2010 - Available from 1300 INFLATE, inflatable rooftop advertising is an ideal way to attract the attention of passing traffic. Highly visible advertising can be achieved with inflatable balloons.
Inflatable advertising ravers available from 1300 INFLATE
24.09.2010 - Available from 1300 INFLATE, advertising ravers are inflatable dancers that are air driven to make them move around an attract attention.
Superdome inflatable buildings available from 1300 INFLATE
23.09.2010 - Available from 1300 INFLATE, Superdome inflatable buildings feature a dome shaped design that provides the opportunity to create a shelter quickly and easily.
Fallstop Overhead Debris Fall Arrest and Inspection Safety Platform from 1300 INFLATE
12.07.2010 - 1300 INFLATE offers a range of safety systems that finds application in multiple industrial environments.
MatrixWeb Technology from 1300 INFLATE
09.07.2010 - 1300 INFLATE offers MatrixWeb technology, an advanced inflatable technology that finds application in multiple environments.
Ezy Shelter Hybrid Blast Booth from 1300 INFLATE
08.07.2010 - 1300 INFLATE offers a range of portable inflatable shelters and structures for use in outdoor applications.
Inflatable Field Store from 1300 INFLATE
07.07.2010 - 1300 INFLATE offers the new lightweight Tuffstuff quick-to-setup inflatable field store for commercial and industrial applications.
1300 INFLATE offers Ezy Shelter Portable Inflatable Shelters
06.07.2010 - 1300 INFLATE offers a range of Ezy Shelter portable inflatable shelters for multiple outdoor applications.
MatrixWeb Products from 1300 INFLATE
05.07.2010 - 1300 INFLATE offers yet another advanced industrial solution that employs drop stitch MatrixWeb technology to make flat inflatables.
1300 INFLATE Announces Partnership with Trelleborg Bakker of the Netherlands
02.07.2010 - 1300 INFLATE announces their partnership with Trelleborg Bakker of the Netherlands.
Portable Inflatable Shelters from 1300 INFLATE
01.07.2010 - 1300 INFLATE specialises in the Ezy Shelter range of inflatable space solutions designed for mobile technicians, service crews, mobile field services and paramilitary requirements.
EzY Shelter 6545 inflatable frame portable shelters
23.06.2010 - The EzY inflatable shelter range is versatile in its design, allowing for many different operational purposes.
Inflatable Wall at Federation Square
22.06.2010 - Federation Square commissioned Giant Inflatables to add an additional section to the inflatable wall that they build three years ago.
Inflatable pipe plugs from 1300 Inflate
02.06.2010 - 1300 Inflate has won the contract to supply Inflatable pipe plugs and Inflatable Isolation plugs and duct stoppers for the shutdown service and major upgrade of the Mondi paper mill plant in Durban.
Drop stitch MatrixWeb inflatable technology now available from 1300 INFLATE
05.05.2010 - 1300 INFLATE now have drop stitch MatrixWeb technology available; an exciting new cutting edge method for making quality inflatable products.
Ezy Shelter 7045 inflatable tent portable workstations available from 1300 INFLATE
08.04.2009 - 1300 INFLATE offer the Ezy Shelter 7045 inflatable tent portable workstation that is suitable for remote or site service technicians. The Ezy Shelter 7045 inflatable tent portable workstation is suita
Superdome air-frame series portable shelters available from 1300 INFLATE
07.04.2009 - In order to meet the needs of clients who require a large spatially superior shelter with a modern state of the art image. Giant Inflatables Industrial Solutions have reinvented life, in the form of t
Ezy shelter 6045 range of portable inflatable shelters available from 1300 INFLATE
06.10.2008 - The Ezy shelter 6045, available from 1300 INFLATE, is a portable inflatable shelter for a savvy operator of remote or site services.
Inflatable replicas and balloons available from 1300 INFLATE
04.08.2008 - 1300 INFLATE designs, manufactures and installs an extensive range of inflatable products including inflatable replicas, balloons, earth balls, billboards, event tents and point of sale inflatabl
Point of sale inflatables available from 1300 INFLATE
01.08.2008 - 1300 INFLATE provides advertising services through a range of custom designed inflatable products including point of sale inflatables, air driven fabric puppets, billboards and balloons.
Air driven fabric puppets available from 1300 INFLATE
31.07.2008 - 1300 INFLATE offers design, manufacturing and installation services for a range of inflatable products including air driven fabric puppets, point of sale inflatables, party balloons, composite ch
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