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1300 INFLATE  offers yet another advanced industrial solution that employs drop stitch MatrixWeb technology to make flat inflatables.

This exciting new cutting edge inflatable technology makes it possible to make a high pressure flat inflatable product exhibiting outstanding mechanical strength characteristics in tension, compression and shear.

MatrixWeb products can inflate safely to a high pressure making them ideal for self-supporting and highly rigid structural elements that need to be portable, quick to deploy and compact to store.

MatrixWeb products got their first rigorous testing as flooring for rescue craft and white water inflatable rafts.  

1300 INFLATE and their partners have now improved and upgraded this technology in manufacturing the Matrixweb range of inflatable products.

1300 INFLATE have innovated diverse inflatable industrial products and truly expanded the boundaries of inflatable products for industrial applications.

Inflatable products for the building and construction industry include walls, barriers, shelters, partitions and inflatable bollards as well as sound barriers and attenuators.

Inflatables for the transport and logistics industry include inflatable decks and raised loading platforms, portable loading docks and bays as well as dock seals.

Emergency response inflatable products include inflatable stretchers, inflatable fall arrest cushions and blast screens, quick deploy floodgates and inflatable flood barriers as well as rescue craft.

Key advantages of MatrixWeb products include:

  • Flat surface
  • Narrow profile
  • Compact when packed
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Quick to inflate
  • Variable pressure and hardness
  • Conformity to unevenness
  • High stiffness and construction strength
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulating properties
  • Very versatile in shape and forms
  • Available in various thicknesses


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