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Massive metal sculptures crafted with 111 Abrasives tools

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Tools from 111 Abrasives Australia were used by sculpture artist Geoff Farquhar-Still last year to create a beautiful sculpture outside the Scullin shopping centre in Canberra.

Commissioned by the ACT Government, the sculpture, named Cumulus Aeronauticus refers to a cloud formed by the crossing of vapour trails left by high altitude aircraft.

A full time practicing artist with a particular interest in steel, Farquhar-Still uses high quality tools to create amazing pieces of art. Having purchased a wide variety of high quality tools from 111 Abrasives Australia for his sculptures, he chose the Pipe-Max tool to work on the Cumulus Aeronauticus as it presented unique challenges with respect to grinding and polishing, especially in small welding areas and unconventionally structured pipes.

The Pipe-Max is a versatile and popular grinder-polisher. Apart from the Pipe-Max, which he endorses and uses all the time, Farquhar-Still finds the Varilex WSF 900 DUO very light and easy to use as well as powerful and suitable for dealing with small weld areas.

111 Abrasives Australia meets the needs of diverse industries with a wide range of grinding and polishing tools.

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