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Redflow prepares to launch battery storage units after successful trial

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ASX-listed, Brisbane-based business Redflow has announced the successful trial of its home battery storage units, and plans to launch these in March.

AAP reports that integrator Specialised Solar Solutions in Africa will move to a full rollout at its trial site. Similar trials are predicted for as many as seven other sites, with between 50 and 150 batteries in total required.

“Redflow has already received an order from SSS for 12 batteries to be used in a commercial installation in Africa separate to that mentioned above. In addition, we continue to receive smaller commercial orders for our batteries,” company CEO Stuart Smith said, according to ITWire.

The company is preparing to take on larger, international players when it launches its batteries. At the time it will also release details about the product, as well as price.

“One battery roughly the size of an airconditioning unit can power a whole house and you can put 60 together and connect them all for huge applications like powering a whole community or large mine site,” Smith told The Courier Mail.

Larger competitors – such as LG, Tesla and Panasonic – weren’t a bad thing, Smith told Fairfax, and it helped with market awareness.

"What we have to do is make sure we leverage off that. We believe we have distinct advantages over those technologies as well as being an Australian product," he said.

Smith said Redflow’s zinc-bromide battery was superior to Tesla’s lithium ion. He said it was able to be fully charged and reused without diminishing the performance each time, as well as recyclable.

Redflow will have its batteries made under contract by the USA’s Flextronics after the trials finish and production is stepped up.

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