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InTouch Remote Services help keep scales running

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Mettler Toledo have launched their new InTouch Remote Services for weighing equipment. The new service alerts METTLER TOLEDO Service personnel when issues that could affect scale operation or accuracy occur. This helps keep your essential weighing processes running smoothly and enhances uptime and productivity. 

Essentially, InTouch Remote Monitoring evaluates the operating condition of your scale systems 24/7, watching for important parameter changes using the highest level of third-party certified network security. This comprehensive view of the operational state of connected devices makes sure that scale alarms and events do not go unnoticed.

Examples of events monitored to ensure your health of your weighing assets include:

  1. RAM battery critically low
  2. Calibration expiration/test dates
  3. Control limit failures/capacity issues
  4. I/O communication errors
  5. Low-level load-cell excitation
  6. Zero captured during calibration

Users authorize the level diagnostic access—either basic remote monitoring or more robust remote support. Remote monitoring alerts allow you to take necessary corrective action. Remote support allows METTLER TOLEDO Service technicians to investigate and either resolve the issue or dispatch trained field personnel. In either case, proprietary information is securely protected.

All InTouch activities are automatically archived for historical analysis and reporting. This information can be useful for quality control and process improvement initiatives.

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