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Bluechiip launches chain of custody tracking system

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Bluechiip has developed a unique chain-of-custody tracking and monitoring system - Blue Diligence - for biobanks and biorepositories.

According to the company it will allow customers to assess the effectiveness of their existing chain-of-custody procedures for biosamples, in particular temperature and identification.

"Currently many biobanks and biorepositories know they have temperature and ID chain of custody issues with their samples, but don’t know how to address them," Brett Roberts, Bluechiip's commercial director, said.

"The biosamples in their possession are valuable, often irreplaceable, and their chain of custody procedures must be able to withstand stricter industry guidelines and professional accountability in ethical practice."

Its Blue-Diligence is a three step process that involves a fit fir purpose questionnaire, temperature workshop seminars, and a comprehensive in-house audit and report using CAP and ISBERT guidelines.

Bluechiip managing director and CEO Brett Schwarz said the process "will fill the temperature and identification gaps for biobanks and biorepositories around the world".

An additional marketing program on Blue Diligence will be launched in November.

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