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Pasternack’s new millimetre wave antennas from 50 GHz to 70 GHz

article image WR-15 waveguide antennas

Leading manufacturer and supplier of RF, microwave and millimetre wave products, Pasternack Enterprises announces the launch of a new family of high frequency waveguide antennas.

The new WR-15 waveguide antennas are perfectly suited for high-bandwidth applications including point-to-point links, GigE wireless LAN, millimetre radiometry, uncompressed HD video, FMCW radar, millimetre scintillometry, campus networks, and multi-gigabit wireless communications.

The new release includes four high gain WR-15 horn antennas operating between 50 GHz and 70 GHz, available in 20 dBi, 24 dBi, 34 dBi and 42 dBi gain models. Pasternack’s WR-15 waveguide horn antennas pair seamlessly with the recently added 60 GHz transmit/receive development system (PEM003-KIT), which enables companies to experiment and develop applications in the globally-unlicensed 60 GHz frequency band.

Using two of Pasternack’s WR-15 beam antennas rated to 42 dBi gain (PE9881-42), a user is able to transmit and receive a 60 GHz signal at a distance of one kilometre, making these antennas an ideal solution for high frequency point-to-point backhaul.

Pasternack’s new omni-directional millimetre wave antenna (PE-W15A001) is a vertically polarised WR-15 waveguide connected antenna using a standard UG387/U flange operating between 58 GHz and 63 GHz. This omni-directional millimetre wave antenna has a 30-degree vertical beam width and a 360-degree horizontal gain variation, making it ideal for short range wireless communications, indoor networks, high frequency applications and 60 GHz development systems. The millimetre wave omni-directional antenna is constructed with a durable brass waveguide input and lightweight aluminium body.

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