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Mining spectrometer for alteration zone mapping released

article image The portable and lightweight oreXpress allows a single user to operate the spectrometer easily in the field

Leading manufacturer of portable spectrometers, Spectral Evolution announces a new mining spectrometer for alteration mapping and identification of mineral alteration zones.

Designed to quickly and accurately detect mineral zones of alteration, the oreXpress or oreXpress Platinum field spectrometer featuring EZ-ID mineral identification software can provide detailed data by measuring reflectance from outcrops, chips, or drill core. The new field spectrometers are assisting geologists better understand the geology and alteration patterns of the area under exploration.

Geologists can use the oreXpress spectrometers to identify: Micas (muscovite-paragonite, biotite, phlogopite); Chlorites (variations in iron-magnesium chlorite, epidote); Amphiboles (tremolite, hornblende, actinolite); Sulphates (jarosite, gypsum); Clays (illite, illite-smectite, kaolinite, dickite); Carbonates (calcite, dolomite, ankerite, siderite); and Tourmaline (Fe-tourmaline, tourmaline).

The geologist can quickly identify an alteration mineral that may not be readily apparent to a trained human eye by matching unknown samples against a known spectral library in the EZ-ID software, which includes USGS and SpecMIN libraries for almost 4,000 spectra. The portable and lightweight design of the oreXpress allows a single user to operate the spectrometer easily in the field, particularly in core logging, where a single user could identify and log 400 metres per day.

All oreXpress files are saved in ASCII format for easy import into third party analysis software for mine planning, mineral mapping, and 3D imaging. The oreXpress spectrometer accomplishes mineral identification in seconds, allowing the geologist to scan a wider area and collect more critical data for planning a drilling strategy that will maximise return on investment.

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