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Metso unveils updated Megaliner for large scale SAG mills. and positionin concepts

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Metso has launched its new liner for SAG mills.

According to the company its Poly-Met shell lining concept Megaliner is now available for Semi-Autogenous (SAG) mills in addition to the other large-scale mills already served by the product. 

The manufacturer states that its patented system has proven to reduce lining change out time by 30 per cent to 40 per cent.

"With the launch of the Megaliner for SAG mills, Metso can now supply this liner system to all large-scale mill applications that use modern 7- and 8-axis liner handlers," Tage Möller, vice president of Mill Lining Solutions, Metso Mining and Construction, stated. 

"This is another step forward in improving safety for our customers while also maximizing uptime."

SAG mills are some of the largest mills currently on site -with the largest ones measuring nearly 13 metres across with 28 MW installed power. 

This size and power is the reason they are the mill of choice for first-stage hard-rock grinding.

However a downside of SAG mill is that their linings require frequent maintenance.

Metso says its Megaliner's attachment system means changes are faster. 

The Megaliner bolts are inserted and removed from outside the mill, which increases safety on site as workers do not need to stand in the drop-zone of the suspended liners.

The liners are made from a rubber and metal composite that weighs between up to two thirds less than similarly sized metallic liners.

As part of a wider launch is also releasing what is has termed an completely new concept, the "Liner Positioning System". 

"This is the first such tool of its kind, comprising a system that allows the liner handler operator to position the liner using cameras to view operations remotely. The new technology gives the liner handler operator full control of the process," the manufacturer said.

"The Liner Positioning System has been developed to give the liner handler operator better visibility and control when installing Metso liners," Tage Möller said. 

"This system offers higher levels of safety for installation crews while also improving the efficiency of operations by increasing mill availability."

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