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Loscam's foldable produce crate hits NZ

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Equipment pooling solutions provider, Loscam, is introducing its foldable produce crate to the New Zealand market.

Following the introduction of Loscam’s wooden pallet pool, Loscam has now turned its attention to the produce sector and the equipment used to move fruit and vegetables through the supply chain.

Loscam’s crate design and production partner, Polymer Logistics, introduced the Active Lock crate to the global produce sector, responding to the needs of the market for improved efficiency in transport, enhanced product protection and improved staff ergonomics through the folding and collapsing mechanism.

"Both Loscam and Polymer understand the user issues experienced with foldable crates currently on the market. High damage rates and excessive force used by staff to collapse the crates are problematic. Also the reliance on the current nestable crates in New Zealand and the inefficiencies this causes in transport and in load unitisation have created an opportunity for the Loscam crate to reduce costs and improve handling," said David Edwards, Loscam’s group head of business development.

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