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Dando Drilling launch two new rigs

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Dando Drilling has launched a new wireline core drilling rig for remote areas and a compact sonic drill rig.

The wireline coring rig is designed for exploration drilling of depths up to 1200 metres, and has a pullback capacity of 9000kgf.

Dubbed the Dando Coretec 9000, it has been specifically designed for wirelines core drilling and, due to its compact construction, is able to collect core samples while operating with a smaller footprint.

It combines a long stroke of four metres with a traditional chuck and clamp arrangement that lets the rig fill a three metre core barrel in a single pass.

Track-mounted as standard, it can also fit on a 4x4 truck. 

It has mast dump to 45 degrees, arm mounted drilling control, and high-torque high-speed rotary head with hydraulic side shift and tilt.

Martin Fitch-Roy, Dando's managing director, said "the Coretec 9000 has been launched as a lightweight, compact and cost effective solution for core drilling to great depths in remote areas of limited space".

Dando has also launched the SDC375, a new lightweight, compact sonic drill rig.

Built in a joint venture between Dando and the Sonic Drill Corporation, Fitch-Roy said "this is Dando’s first step into the sonic drilling market and can’t think of a better company to enter it with, than Sonic Drill". 

"Sonic drilling boasts many advantages over conventional drilling including being faster,requiring less drilling fluid, continuous high quality coring and greatly reduced hole deviation."

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