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5 quick tips on choosing a robot

article image Robotics for bag palletising by ABB Australia

1. Look at the big picture - Focus on the long term benefits and potential competitive advantages that can be gained by such advanced technology, rather than the initial outlay.

2. Choose the right company/partner for installation - Be sure to select an integrator with a good track record, solid engineering skill base and as much experience as possible. Also remember while there are differences in performance between robots, in many cases it is negligible to the result when compared to the skill of the company integrating the robot. 

3. Implement a long term approach - Look to include within the contract specific performance and delivery targets to ensure your ongoing success. Work with the systems integrator to ensure that they understand all of the production variables.

4. Know what you want - Robots are a smart tool for process improvement and are a solution for skills shortages, but they are not the be all and end all. They can, and do, provide a means to faster more efficient operation, but it is important to study your business requirements and determine where the installation is going to be of the most benefit.

5. Safety and training - Work closely with your systems integrator to ensure that operators receive the correct training to get the most benefit out of the robotic solution in the safest possible way.

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