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US consortium showcases the future of flexible hybrid electronics

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PARC announced the advanced technologies to be highlighted at the August NextFlex opening in San Jose, CA.

NextFlex is a public-private consortium of companies, academic institutions, nonprofits, and governments with a mission to advance US manufacturing of flexible hybrid electronics.

It encourages investment in the manufacturing ecosystem in return for receiving intellectual property, new product ideas and partnering opportunities.

PARC has been developing innovative technologies in the area of printed electronics for 15 years, and is working with a variety of commercial partners and government agencies to bring these technologies to market.

This portfolio of work comprises comprises material science, novel 2D and 3D printing, and process-driven design that will deliver entire libraries of smart components and systems.

The "inks" are nanomaterials, molecular semiconductors, inorganic composites, and even tiny silicon chiplets that form circuits, sensors, light emitters, batteries and more integrated directly into products of all shapes, sizes and textures.

Flexible hybrid electronics brings together the industries of microelectronics, electronics assembly and printing. It will enable on-demand fabrication of custom electronics for smart wearable devices in conformal shapes, intelligent packing, as well as sensors incorporated in the fabric of buildings, cities, cars, airplanes and even robots.

Literally, we will have the capability to embed intelligence into all products and objects surrounding us, paving the way to the "Internet of Everything."

PARC is working with a variety of materials and printing companies to enable a vast number of applications and services for a wide range of industries, from packaging to wearables to payment systems.

Karl Dueland, Vice President, General Manager of Digital Manufacturing at Xerox commented, “We’re very excited about these PARC technologies and the commercial opportunities they represent for Xerox and the value they can bring to the market.”

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