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United Forklift's CAT photograph NR20-23 lift trucks set industry benchmarks for lift speeds

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The latest CAT NR20-23/ND18 pantograph reach truck series from United Forklift and Access Solutions feature industry-leading lift speeds and high load capacity retention to deliver greater efficiency at higher lift heights.

The safety and productivity-oriented machines -available nationally in 1500-2000kg lift capacities with lift heights up to 11.5 metres -deliver longer run times, efficient handling and confident control for users in operations such as:

Warehousing, supply chain logistics,  manufacturing and production, retail, safety and storage and distribution facilities for industries including food and beverage, mining, energy, oil and gas, infrastructure, ports, intermodal facilities, manufacturing and transport workshop and spares operations.

"The remarkable performance and superior precision of the NR20-23/ND18 series sets industry-leading efficiency and productivity benchmarks, all with a lower overall cost of ownership," says United's CAT Product Manager Mr Craig Coles.

Advantages include:

  1. Capacity retention to maximum of 10.2 metres
  2. Selection of single or double deep reach mast
  3. Fastest lift speeds in the industry -up to 830mm/s
  4. Robust mast design with lift heights up to 11.5 metres
  5. Advances AC motor technology for lower energy consumption and longer run times
  6. Advanced regenerative braking, returning kinetic energy to the battery
  7. Intuitive controls for efficient handling
  8. Stability-enhancing features for confident control
  9. Automatic curve speed reduction and automatic parking brake for additional control during operation

“Complementing exceptional load handling at high lift heights, the weight of loads carried by the NR20-23/ND18 series is evenly balanced by exclusive Pro Trac articulating the suspended articulating drive axle. This feature improves stability and safety when the reach truck is cornering or operating at high lift heights, says Mr Coles. The rigid design of the mast, with cushioning at all mast stage transitions, allows the operator to lift and smoothly manoeuvre materials throughout the shift.

Optimal Awareness

Enhanced features, such as the operator display panel shows key information in one central location, including programmable performance modes, a battery discharge indicator, drive wheel direction indicator and LED indicator lights.

NR20-23/ND18 pantograph reach truck series features a spacious operator compartment, designed for increased operator comfort and productivity. Intuitive features, such as the multi-function control handle, are designed for easy control of travel and hydraulic functions.

Options, including a fork-mounted camera, lift height indicator and tilt position assist, can be added to help increase operator confidence and performance. 

The pantograph system also features extensive cushioning that softens the impact to the load when it reaches the end of its scope, lessening the risk of load damage during operation. The reach truck also features one of the smoothest rides in the industry, allowing for greater comfort and reduced operator fatigue, says Mr Coles

“Cat= lift trucks is one of the most trusted forklift brands in the world, backed throughout Australia by our 24/7 service capabilities, which provide maximum uptime and reliability, says Mr Coles. For nearly 50 years, customers have relied on the Cat lift trucks brand for quality and reliable forklifts backed by exceptional service and support through its trusted dealer network. With capacities ranging from 1300 - 16000kg, Cat Lift Trucks deliver fuel-efficient lift trucks for greater productivity and advanced electric forklifts with longer run times and a lower total cost of ownership. 

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