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Tesla powerwall impacts energy bills

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The true power of the Tesla Powerwall has been felt by one of the first Australian residents to install the highly anticipated home battery power storage unit.

The Pfitzner family have received their first quarterly energy bill since Natural Solar installed the Tesla Powerwall and solar system in January 2016, with the price for their plummeting from $660, to a mere $40.46 in energy charges.

“Australian homeowners are used to power bills surging year on year with an average increase of 120 per cent nationally in electricity prices over the last 10 years. It’s extraordinary to see such a significant decrease for the Pfitzner family and clearly demonstrates why we are experiencing such strong demand for our home and commercial battery storage solutions,” says Chris Williams, Managing Director of Natural Solar.

“As one of the first residents in Australia to have their Tesla Powerwall installed by Natural Solar, we can safely say the proof is in the figures. The Pfitzner family have revealed to the world the massive impact the Tesla Powerwall combined with a full solar solution can have on both the environment and their hip pocket, paying an average of just $0.59 per day for their power. The utility companies will be hurting from this disruptive technology as it puts the power back into the consumer’s pocket and we now have data to support the benefits,” added Mr Williams.

“This result is one of the first in-market experiences that shows the Tesla Powerwall in action. Consumers have been drawn to the Tesla Powerwall as it represents energy independence, and they want to know what the real life return on investment would be for solar and a Tesla Powerwall,” commented Mr Williams. “In this case, should energy consumption remain at a similar the Pfitzner family should expect to see a complete payback period of between 6-7 years, whilst also having a positive impact on the environment and adding considerable asset value to their property.”

Based in Sydney’s Hills District, the Pfitzner family home includes four bedrooms, internal laundry, a pool and outdoor entertaining area. Their personal renewable energy solution includes the Tesla Powerwall, an array of 5kWp of solar panels, a SolarEdge inverter and fully integrated, bi-directional cloud-based monitoring software to see the direct output of energy from the entire system and the Tesla Powerwall.

As one of the first regions globally to receive and install the Tesla Powerwall there has been an unprecedented volume of enquiries to purchase and install the Tesla Powerwall in Australian homes. “Thousands of Australians have made the move and have embraced the shift to battery power. Our belief at Natural Solar is the uptake over the next 12 months will continue to increase as more battery storage solutions become available in market, and the price of power continues to soar nationally. We are proud to be at the forefront of what now appears to be an inevitable transition in the renewable energy industry from traditional solar to complete home energy storage IT solutions, integrated with household appliances and even electric cars,” said Mr Williams.

The functionality of the Tesla Powerwall is simple, with this device storing solar energy during sunlight hours allowing homeowners to use it at night, avoiding the need to sell excess energy back to the grid. The Powerwall, which carries an impressive 10-year warranty period, has such a range of new and varied functionalities. It is also extremely affordable, with a number of payment plans and options from Natural Solar allowing customers to be cash flow positive from day one. Australians can have the chance to have their very own Tesla Powerwall installed with or without solar panels. Full Tesla Powerwall and solar panel solutions from Natural Solar start from $13,590.

“At Natural Solar we are committed to leading the charge to a battery powered Australia and making this accessible to all Australians. Our number one mission is to educate the Australian public on the advantages this truly disruptive technology offers. This real life consumer example of the Tesla Powerwall in action shows the true impact that battery power can make to the average Australian family and home. There is no doubt, as we continue to work with Tesla product, that we are moving further toward a bright and renewable future – this is only the tip of the iceberg.” concluded Mr Williams.

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