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Tait Communications launches resources and oil and gas fleet management system


EnableFleet is the latest fleet management solution from global critical communications company, Tait Communications designed specifically for mining, oil and gas organisations across the world. EnableFleet is expected to revolutionise fleet management for these sectors by giving communication managers the power to configure and manage their radio fleets from a centralised point of control across DMR and P25 networks.

Tait Product Manager, Dan Manton explains that EnableFleet will change the way mission-critical businesses manage their radio fleets. Where previously, radio managers kept track of their terminal fleet using spreadsheets and other manual systems that were difficult to maintain, lacked data integrity and were labour intensive, EnableFleet offers a single, secure location for storing information about the radio fleet, which can be accessed anytime, from anywhere with guaranteed up-to-date and accurate information in real time.

EnableFleet automatically detects and applies updates to the company’s radio fleet. Anyone with the right Tait EnableProtect Advanced System Key can update their radio fleet, ensuring no unauthorised users can tamper with their network.

EnableFleet is part of the Tait Enable suite of products developed to help organisations manage and monitor their networks and fleet more efficiently.

Mr Manton is confident EnableFleet will make radio networks stronger, smarter, and simpler.

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