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Supply chain management company BROWZ announces mobile development strategy


BROWZ Australia announces a new mobile development strategy as part of its robust supplier qualification solution. BROWZ is a global leader in supplier qualification and supply chain management solutions. The announcement includes the release of a new mobile application, the first of its kind in the industry.

Emphasising BROWZ’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and driving innovation within their product solutions, Aaron Rudd, Vice President of Product Development commented that the company’s future includes mobile delivery throughout their suite of products.

Having observed the way their clients manage their complex supply chains over the years with active management both in the office and in the field, BROWZ now aims to develop solutions that are the right fit for their clients, joining together powerful supply chain data with an easy-to-access solution, anywhere in the world.

BROWZ’s mobile development strategy will launch in April 2015 with a mobile application that allows clients to access critical data for their supply chain. In the coming months, BROWZ will continue to release mobile capabilities that are ‘the right fit’ for mobile devices.

According to Rudd, BROWZ is the first prequalification provider to offer a true mobile app with enhanced functionality specific to the mobile device. Enterprise organisations can use this mobile application to get unprecedented access to their supplier data in real-time, both in the office and out in the field using an available mobile or Wi-Fi connection.

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