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SigmaNEST CAD/CAM nesting software for cutting machines


SigmaNEST from SigmaTEK is the industry’s premier CAD/CAM nesting software with more than 16,000 instillations worldwide.

Powered by the industry’s most advanced nesting engine, SigmaNEST is a comprehensive software solution for nesting, NC programming and cutting of steel sheets, plates, tubes and pipes, and wood. Being both powerful and flexible, SigmaNEST allows all cutting machines including plasma, laser, oxyfuel, waterjet, router, knife, punch or combination to be driven by a single scalable software solution regardless of type or brand.

SigmaNEST software offers several advantages including superior material utilisation, machine motion optimisation, and maximum part quality, balanced with cutting speed, workflow integration, material handling, accurate estimates and information management.

The Split Window feature in SigmaNEST allows the user to view different areas of the workspace simultaneously. Users may also manually nest parts across the split windows and onto other sheets enabling quick nesting of parts onto multiple sheets without having to select the layout from the list. 

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