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REFLEX to commercialise DET CRC’s Lab-at-Rig technology


REFLEX, a leading technology provider to the minerals industry, has entered into an exclusive agreement with Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre (DET CRC) for its top-of-hole analysis technology, Lab-at-Rig.

Part of the ASX-listed Imdex Group of Companies (IMD), REFLEX is a global provider of game-changing technologies including downhole instrumentation, data management and data analysis solutions to the minerals industry.

Developed by DET CRC participants, CSIRO, Imdex and Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas, the Lab-at-Rig technology measures drill hole geochemistry and mineralogy at the drill site within minutes of the drilling process.

The current technology utilises X-ray fluorescence geochemistry and X-ray powder diffraction mineralogy on diamond drill cuttings, with standardised sampling protocols and quality control built into the sampling workflow. This delivers objective, consistent, quantitative and rapid geological data, surpassing traditional geological logging, which is subjective, inconsistent, qualitative and time-consuming.

Real-time delivery of Lab-at-Rig data allows mineral explorers to log downhole geology and validate exploration targets during the drilling process, assisting with decisions such as whether to terminate or extend drill holes or modify the location or trajectory of subsequent holes, resulting in significant cost savings.

DET CRC CFO Ian Hardwick describes Lab-at-Rig as the product of a truly world-class, multi-disciplined research team from industry and academia. He explains that Lab-at-Rig is the second of their three key pillar technologies to be licensed for commercialisation; the third pillar, the Coiled Tubing (CT) Drill Rig is well into development.

REFLEX Chief Executive Derek Loughlin comments that Lab-at-Rig is a strategic part of their broader Assay-While-Drilling business, which the company is pioneering as part of their real-time, sub-surface, intelligence solutions.

Lab-at-Rig will be developed alongside REFLEX’s other Assay-While-Drilling technologies and integrated with REFLEX solutions such as the secure, cloud-based REFLEXHUB-IQ. This connectivity will allow interrogation of real-time drillhole assay data from anywhere in the world on the user’s mobile device, supporting timely and cost-efficient decision making.

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