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Proactive asset auditing reduces risk in manufacturing

article image Regular audits lead to more precise manufacturing

Well known Australian engineering company Soto Consulting Group emphasises the need for proactive asset auditing by manufacturers to reduce risk and drive productivity.

Injuries and incidents are frequently reported in manufacturing environments. Soto Consulting Engineers believes that statutory audits and compliance auditing in engineering play a critical role in preventing incidents or injuries.

Managing Director Mr Frank Soto explains that annual auditing will not only minimise staff exposure to risk, but also provide management with a process and system by which to manage the key objectives for the business.

A greater focus on risk and asset management will help companies address production and efficiency issues, and benefit from increased plant utilisation and higher profitability. Mr Soto notes that a typical audit of physical plant assets on operational sites goes beyond safety regulations into things that aren’t working as originally intended, and which may not be delivering the intended results or targets required for the return on investment.

Companies benefit from improved plant utilisation and extended life of operational assets by applying enhanced risk management methods and auditing techniques in their manufacturing environments. The injury-free workplace will also deliver significant payback and improved bottom line results for the company.

Soto’s scope of capabilities encompasses customised on-site statutory and compliance audits of assets and structures based on sound engineering principles and proven methods, measured also against Australian Work Health and Safety regulations. A thorough assessment of equipment within operational plants results in asset protection through identification of problem areas.

Mr Soto believes that all plant owners and managers are responsible for ensuring their plants can be operated without risk to employees. Soto aims to support clients in managing high operational risks associated with a defective, dilapidated or worn-out plant that has become unsafe or is at risk of structural failure.

In the past, auditing would have been part of the Asset Manager’s portfolio, but the diminishing role of Asset Managers has led to experienced engineers being called in to fill the gap and provide more effective and efficient processes to allow plants to operate safely into the future. Soto’s audit services are executed by qualified engineers with knowledge of the industry and the technical experience to find solutions for core issues, ensuring peace of mind to the client.

Going one step further, Soto supplies companies with potential procedures and solutions to bring those problem areas up to standard, quickly and efficiently. Risks identified during the audit are prioritised and categorised with both photographic evidence and written descriptions to support the required actions.

Audits done by the Soto team can result in improved safety, protection of assets through identification of problem areas, and compliance with Australian safety and environmental regulations.

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