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New portable standing desk makes a pitch for back health

article image ZestDesk enables workers to turn almost any flat surface into a temporary work station

An NSW-based father-son entrepreneurial team has designed a portable standing desk, ZestDesk to address the ill-effects of sitting for long periods at the workplace. The Australian start-up also launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to help fund production of the desk solution.

Driven by a mission to help hunched-over office workers beat back pain with a portable standing desk, James and his father Dr Peter Moore invented the ZestDesk, a portable, elegant and affordable solution that turns any table into a standing desk in 30 seconds and can be packed away when not in use.

James led the design and business plan development during his time with University of Wollongong (UOW) innovation incubator iAccelerate.

The office chair has been identified by health professionals and several studies as the main culprit in conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, arising out of employees working for extended hours in a seated position.

Following the conclusion of an Australian study that the typical office might not be a safe work environment, standing desks could soon become a workplace requirement. Companies could also introduce standing desks into their work environments to reduce sick leave and increase productivity.

ZestDesk co-founder James Moore observes that the number of hours spent by office workers in a seated position each day can come as a shock, and includes commuting to work, sitting at the desk all day, getting back home and watching television sitting on the couch. The back is the first casualty of all the sitting one does through the day.

The inspiration for ZestDesk came from Dr Peter Moore’s personal experience as a GP, opting to stand at a desk for over 20 years to alleviate his back pain. When he started working in the Northern Territory in Indigenous health, he needed a portable solution for himself and also something he could recommend to patients. Unable to find it in the market, he decided to build his own and ZestDesk was the result.

Designed to fold away neatly, ZestDesk is easily stored and transported, enabling workers to turn almost any flat surface into a temporary work station without posture succumbing to neck craning and hunching.

James explains that the biggest blocks to the mass adoption of standing desks are the price point and lack of flexibility, noting that individuals and companies want an adjustable solution, which can be easily moved to match needs without throwing out existing furniture.

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