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New handheld marking system for durable and tamperproof markings

article image FlyMarker PRO is a truly portable, cordless and battery operated system for durable and tamperproof markings.

Duplicated parts cost the machinery and plant manufacturing industries several billion dollars every year in lost sales revenues. However, it is possible to identify the manufacturer and track the batch number, production date, production plant and other identity markers through durable and tamperproof marking.

Quality assurance from clear markings

German company MARKATOR Manfred Borries GmbH offers several solutions to mark work-pieces with different kinds of durable and tamperproof markings. Various kinds of materials can be marked from plastics, aluminium and construction steel to hardened steel with hardness up to 63 HRC.

MARKATOR’s solutions range from marking systems designed to integrate in an automatic production line or a table marking system to mark small work-pieces on a bench-top workplace to a flexible handheld marking system to mark big and unmovable pieces directly on site.

Portable power package for deep and durable markings

Portable marking systems are ideal for marking big and unmovable work-pieces directly on-site. Especially when markings are not done at one workstation but on the whole plant grounds, battery operated marking systems such as the FlyMarker PRO MOBIL are indispensable.

The marking is produced by an electromagnetic driven marking pin and the power supply comes from a powerful lithium ion battery enabling cordless operation.

The CNC controlled handheld marking system FlyMarker PRO MOBIL is the third generation of the proven dot peen marker range. Part of a proven range of portable marking systems, the FlyMarker PRO features several enhancements including high marking speed, 10-pound weight, and small physical size. Equipped with a strong magnet and a powerful battery, the portable power package creates deep and durable markings.

The easy-to-use FlyMarker PRO handheld dot peen marking system is a truly portable, cordless and battery operated system for durable and tamperproof markings.

Key features of FlyMarker PRO MOBIL include control unit installed in the break-proof housing protected from external influences; no electrical or compressed air lines to interfere with the workplace location; marking files can be programmed via the simple software of the integrated control unit; linear guides in x- and y- direction giving very precise marking head positioning to guarantee repeatable accuracy; and new optional strong magnet to achieve very deep markings, which are readable even after a sandblasting or coating process with full traceability guaranteed.

The handheld marking system and the standard accessories can be stored in a hard, protective case for safe transportation. The affordable FlyMarker PRO is available in four different marking area sizes to suit specific requirements.

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