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New food friendly ducting released from Eximo

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Eximo have released Liquiflex, a food friendly ducting manufactured from food grade PVC.

The ducting features high resistance to both internal and external pressures and is used for a number of applications including the transfer of liquids in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Liquiflex is designed to withstand both hot and cold temperatures with a range between 0 and +60 degrees celsius.

The product is also crush-resistant, and can be used for the delivery and suction of liquids including beer, milk, fruit juices, wine, and spirits amongst other liquid products.

Karen Browne, General Manager of Eximo said that Liquiflex has been purposefully engineered to maximise efficiency in liquid transfer applications.

“Liquiflex is specifically engineered to handle all of your liquid transfer needs, everything from water to wine at a 50% volume,” said Browne.

“It is resistant to microbes and bacteria with a smooth bore. With a minimum wall thickness of 4mm, it’s manufactured to withstand high pressures.”

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