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Matrox adds console display support for Matrox Mura MPX-based video walls

article image Matrox Mura MPX-based video wall in a business conference setup

Matrox Graphics announces that Matrox P690 PCIe x16 and Matrox P690 Plus LP PCIe x16 graphics cards have been validated for use alongside Mura MPX-based video wall controllers to power up to four independent console displays.

The Matrox P690 graphics cards are validated for use with Mura MPX capture and display cards allowing system monitoring, video wall layout management and other applications to run locally without affecting the video wall’s appearance.

The latest enhancement will benefit clients in terms of the extra displays, powered by the same system running system diagnostics, wall layout control, and other applications locally without disturbing content on their video walls.

Helgi Sigurdsson, product manager, Matrox Graphics observes that system builders and integrators will appreciate the extra flexibility provided by independent console displays to manage walls, perform maintenance and run diagnostics behind the scenes. The field-proven Matrox hardware is easy to install within a single, high-density, low-footprint system, and stable drivers for Mura and P690 cards are included in the same download package to simplify installations.

The free Matrox PowerDesk software helps configure the complete display set-up, enabling practical console displays beside impressive video walls.

Matrox Mura MPX-based video walls can be seen in action at the upcoming ISE trade show in Amsterdam, February 10–12, stand 11-F68; and DSE in Las Vegas, March 11–12, booth 1645.

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