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Kennards Hire Rail's Newest Addition -The ESAB BVR 1000 Welding System

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Rail track maintenance is continually seeing safety increases, setting with it the highest of standards. 

Track surface defects will affect passengers’ travel experience, as well as increase their safety risks. A minor defect over time, could lead to a number of major hazards.

Safety concerns should not only be for the passenger, but for the rail trade workers too. Reliable, consistent, and reproducible welding parameters are set in place to reduce human error, safety risks, and the toll of manual labour.

The ESAB BVR 1000 Welding System is designed for setting rail welds.Kennards Hire Rail has always offered the latest and most up-to-date equipment for the welding of rails, meeting and exceeding industry standards along the way. ESAB BVR 1000 is no exception. The ESAB BVR 1000’s continuous reliable accuracy not only meets, but has restructured, state rail methods and their industry standards.

The ESAB complete package unit contains welding programmes for the repair of defects on any type of rail component, such as rail ends, plain rail defects, switch blades, wing rails and crossings. It is as easy as entering the required data in numbers, and it is ready to start welding. It is a system that any person can learn and use competently, without the need of a trade qualified Boilermaker. It is resource efficient and therefore cost efficient.

The ESAB name represents over a century of involvement in welding and repair applications, with the highest quality and safety requirements. With ESAB, you are assured of a partner who understands your challenges, and forms a single source for; engineering, automation, and consumables. As a complete package, the system is ideal for; Rail Maintenance crews, Steel Engineers, Boilermakers, and Rail Engineers.

The ESAB BVR 1000 unit consists of the following:

  1. Computer robotic programed arm
  2. 400 amp welder
  3. Remote wire feed
  4. Remote Control

The ESAB BVR 1000 unit benefits:

  1. 3-phase electrical driven e.g 20Kva Generator ideal for power source
  2. Reduced need for manual labour
  3. Produces consistent quality welds
  4. Ideal for manganese and head hardened rail
  5. Excellent for switch and squat repairs

The ESAB BVR 1000 Welding System is available now to hire from Kennards Hire Rail nation-wide.

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