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International fuel management solution now available to Australian businesses

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Forum Enviro has today launched a new fuel efficiency solution, the Fenic Alpha Fuel Saving Device, to the Australian market.

The Fenic Alpha is a leading international fuel management solution that enhances fuel combustion in engines to reduce consumption and emissions. There are a range of Fenic Alpha models, designed to suit a variety of land and marine engine types.

“Rising fuel costs are putting a strain on businesses, however, with Fenic Alpha businesses can substantially reduce overheads to realise greater returns to their bottom-line,” said Rod Hazelton, Executive General Manager, Forum Enviro. “This technology will deliver clear savings and help those looking to expand their fleet operations do so efficiently, effectively and with a reduced impact on the environment.”

Hazelton said Forum Enviro, the sustainability unit of technology and services provider, Forum Group, is the master distributor of Fenic Alpha globally and the first to distribute the device outside of Asia, where it has been in use for the past 15 years and has seen the number of installations in Japan, China, Taiwan and Malaysia totalling over six figures.

“Fuel costs have become one of the leading areas of operating expense for Australian businesses managing fleets of vehicles. Previously many have relied on fuel additives to improve efficiency, often with mixed results. Or for smaller vehicles, they have relied on diesel fuel or expensive LPG conversions to keep fleet costs down,” he said.

“There is no need for capital outlay as the Fenic Alpha device is provided via a simple Technology Licence Agreement. The savings in fuel costs will fund the licencing of the Fenic Alpha device and in most cases, it will be cost positive to the client – providing cash to be utilised in other areas of the business”.

The Fenic Alpha works in one of two ways: an Ion Pass Through and Pass Tube (IPPT) where fuel is ionised as it travels through rare earth elements to improve combustion; or, an Ion Power Sheet that is placed before engine air intake to produce an oxidising effect. Forum has undertaken a number of tests of the Fenic Alpha device and the savings achieved can be found on the Forum Enviro website. Over time, Forum plans to build a bank of independent test results for a variety of engines in use in vehicles used by Australian businesses.

The full range of Fenic Alpha Fuel Saving Devices enables all types of fleet businesses to improve their fuel efficiency in light vehicles to heavy-duty industrial vehicles including the following:

Land Vehicles and Heavy Equipment

  • Railway engines
  • Automobiles such as taxis
  • Buses
  • Airport equipment
  • Heavy earth moving equipment

Marine and Heavy Industry

  • Ships
  • Ferries
  • Tugboats
  • Container trailers/lifters/port cranes

Please click here to see Forum Group’s Fenic Alpha Fuel Saving Device and for other integrated technology and services visit the Forum Group website

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