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Hoist tools turn pink to challenge breast cancer

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A lot of companies have great intentions to do their part for society, but unfortunately they fall short of that promise for many reasons.

At Challenger, they are doing exactly what they set out to do - to create a brand that is well and truly built to achieve, give back, to all that are involved, and for the entire life of the brand. The brand stands out from its current market, not only for its noticeable pink and purple colours, but more importantly for its quality for price, and its charitable nature.

Challenger is a family owned company, which has given life to a brand with family values. It envisions four strong values of; the highest quality, an industry-best warranty, the best value, and a genuine care for the community.

“We wanted a brand that represented something true, and meaningful. Challenger has been built to be a sustainable community returner, for the life and future of the brand. It is built to achieve, and there is enormous satisfaction in what the brand is achieving, and also giving back,” Richard Crake, Founder and visionary leader of the Challenger brand.

Challenger’s industry-best warranty of 2-years reinforces that their manufacturing quality and safety is unlike that of its competitors - redefining the meaning of ‘value-based pricing’, yet never hindering on the highest of quality.

“Price is an important part of the sales negotiation, but it should never be at the expense of quality. There has been no doubt about the quality. Challenger has been very positively received by customers,” Richard said.

Safety flows through at all stages, from the manufacturing processes that are put in place, to the reliability for the end-user. The brand controls all aspects of their manufacturing to adhere to the highest principles of standards, and quality-control.

Challenger products are engineered better than its competitors, and from better materials. The warranty is double the industry standard - reinforcing surety of the brand’s quality. And in a bold statement, the brand was the first in its industry to embrace the values that came with the pink and purple colours.

“The colour pink is not a novelty, but instead a reflection of the positive values and support of the end-user. It has become more than acceptable within all industries,” Richard added. 

Challenger saw 10 times the volume of any other launch in its category. The launch into the Australian market, late 2014 was led by an exclusive branded track car at both, Bathurst 1000, and Sydney 500.

“Branding done right can be very impactful. Australia is a tough market, there are more than 40 brands to compete with. Pink was the branding element that was intended to break us through, and it has. Some people didn’t really like the colour, but not one person said it was a bad idea,” Richard said.

A great amount of Challenger’s success has also been noticed in the New Zealand market, even after being warned that, “No one in New Zealand would ever buy pink!”. Challenger entered the market in February, 2015 - at an especially risky time for New Zealand, at the tail end of their economic recession. Against all odds, Challenger showed a 12% growth to the brand’s total portfolio. The brand’s noticeable quality and message made, and has been making, more of a statement than its colour.

Challenger has set big goals for the brand to be, “the number one product across all categories”. Meaning that any product that aligns with the core values of the brand can live under the proud ‘C’ of Challenger.

“We don’t want the value of the brand to ever be diluted. If it doesn’t fit that value, we don’t want to do it. We wanted a brand with a defined vision, and with gained attention. The Challenger ‘C’ represents; Care, Community, and Commitment,” Richard said.

Challenger donates, and is built to continue donating, a percentage of all wholesale revenue to a cancer charity that shares the same value within its country. In Australia it is the McGrath Foundation, and in New Zealand, the Child Cancer Foundation. These charities were carefully considered for the positive difference they have made in their communities. When approached, they immediately came on board with the Challenger brand for their complementary values, and brand vision.

Challenger’s future plan is to take this successful approach into international markets, and continue to do its part for its involving charities, and communities. 

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