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Haulotte Optimum electric scissor lifts offering access with 24/7 productivity

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The latest agile, rapid and smoothly operating Haulotte Optimum 8 electric scissor lifts from United Forklift and Access Solutions are built to offer economical 24/7 performance inside and outside, with outstanding maneuverability and 230kg lift capacity.

The 2016 model Optimum 8s -with a market-leading forward speed of 5m/h, 1.5m turning radius and integrated safety features -are backed by United Forklift and Access Solutions nationwide service and support network to ensure maximum productivity and minimum service needs from this simple, robust and reliable AC-powered machine, designed for stop-at-nothing performance.

Optimum 8's asynchronous AC motors facilitate smooth precision movements in difficult-to-access places, while ensuring the safety of its operators and clean, green, environmentally harmonious operation. Its extremely narrow turning radius means operators can manoeuvre in the most restricted spaces, saving time, enhancing safety and avoiding damage in warehouses, workshops, maintenance, loading, production, generating, infrastructure and processing facilities and congested worksites inside and out.

"Optimum 8 is swift and sure-footed to ensure optimal productivity with its market-leading forward speed, working height of 7.7m and drivability of full height up to its platform height of 5.77m. Its smooth load elevation and driving -with even, proportional movements, thanks to the AC motors -translate into on-the-job comfort, confidence and safety for operators," said United's National Access Product Manager, Mr Andrew MacDonald.

The machine’s outstanding versatility and safety is founded on a host of innovative Haulotte features, says Mr MacDonald, whose broad experience of access equipment extends over 10 years throughout Australia.

Features include:

  1. Compact dimensions (0.79m width, 1.9m length) and exceptional turning radius to get through even standard doors without having to lose time by needing to use folding guardrails
  2. Optimal weight and configuration enhancement to allow operation in winds up to 45 kmh while maintaining full load capacity
  3. Automatic protection against potholes, and ability to traverse numerous obstacles means it has no trouble mounting truck ramps while being transported.
  4. Intelligent counterweight design in the back of the chassis. This world-first feature from Haulotte enhances safety and productivity, helping to ensure platform access cannot be damaged,
  5. Further safety and efficiency from the counterweight’s integration of protected non-skid steps and storage area for charger plugs and optional electrical plugs. 
  6. Reliability features, including halving of the number of hydraulic hoses (from 10 to 5) and reduction in the number of hydraulic cylinders from four to three.
  7. Maintenance-free AC motors with no carbon brushes to be replaced
  8. Extra protection against weather corrosion for pins, screws, bolts and paint, complemented by waterproof connectors to safeguard electrical circuits against humidity and corrosion
  9. Haulotte ACTIV’Screen embedded diagnostic device, which is easy to operate and provides key information including tilt, overload, breakdown, necessary maintenance and battery level. The system enables technicians to programme, repair, calibrate and control the machine without other tools.
  10. Swing-out trays for quick and easy maintenance, one for the batteries, and the other for hydraulic and electrical systems.
  11. Optional features including pipe cradle, AC power to platform, working light, glazier pack and safety flashing light.

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