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Draeger launches new underground mine rescue equipment

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Draeger has released the MRV 9000 mine rescue vehicle at this year’s MINExpo, along with the MRC 5000 underground mine refuge chamber.

The vehicle provides safe transportation as close as possible to mining incidents without needing to activate the breathing apparatus, giving mine rescue teams more time for their on-site mission.

The company calls the MRV 900 “a new milestone in mine rescue”, claiming it is a first-of-its-kind mine rescue vehicle.

“This rugged underground vehicle is a total life support system that reduces time to rescue by safely transporting mine rescue teams closer to the incident,” Kent Armstrong, Draeger global business development manager, Segment Mining, said

“In short, it’s a ‘chamber on wheels’ for both the driver and those rescued.”

The vehicle is fitted with an air purging system, breathing air storage, a digital gas monitor, and air conditioning, with optional external gas monitoring, thermal imaging cameras, and a communication system.

Both the driver’s cabin and cassette are equipped with an air purging system which is independent of the ambient air and provides breathing air for the onboard personnel. Once the rescue team has exited the vehicle – equipped with personal breathing protection – the air flow in MRV 9000 can be manually reduced for the remaining occupants, extending the time for rescue.

External and internal gas monitoring measure the concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the ambient air and inside the vehicle. If safe levels are exceeded or fall short, the onboard personnel will be warned by visual and acoustic signals. Additionally, the measurement values are clearly visible in the front and in the rear of the vehicle. Thermal imaging cameras installed outside of the vehicle support the orientation in a dusty, smoky environment, and can help detect trapped miners.

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